Where to find us:



10202 Kennedy AVE
Highland, IN 46322

Phone: (219) 924-1095


Fax: (219) 924-1809


E-mail: zandstrasfarm@gmail.com

Business Hours

We are open mid April until mid July

  8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday through Saturday




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Fairy Garden Plants


Ali's Sensitive Plant

Belle's Pink Cranesbill

Bernard's Elfin Herb

Emmy's Alpine Strawberry

Ethel's Fuchsia

Harrison't Blue Star Creeper

Iris' Flowering Mape

Jimmy's Aristotle Basil

Jo Jo's Fiber Optic Grass

Katydid's Baby Tears

Kay Kay's Angel Vine

Leo's Scotch Moss

Luciana's Baby's Breath

Mandi's Irish Moss

Marilynn's Armeria

Olivia's Friendship Plant

Sadiki's Copper Leaf

Stefan's Blue Moneywart

Suzie Q's Variegated Marjoram

Viola's Cigar Plant

Violet's Elfin Time