Bedding Plants


Our bedding plants come in flats of 18 or 40 plants (depending on the growth preferences of the plant), so they are perfect for large areas!  Available varieties include:

  • BEGONIAS (Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Cocktail Mix, Olympia Pink, Olympia Red, Olympia White, Olympia Mix)
  • CELOSIA (Fresh Look Yellow, Kimono Red, Fresh Look Orange, Fresh Look Red
  • CLEOME (Blush, Lavender, Mix)
  • COLEUS (Black Dragon, Fairway Rose, Rainbow Color Pride, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Wizard Coral Sunrise, Wizard Golden, Wizard Jade, Wizard Mosaic, Wizard Scarlet, Wizard Sunset,
    Wizard Velvet Red, Wizard Mix)
  • COSMOS (Apollo Mix, Sonata Mix, Carmine)Dahlia Figaro Mix
  • DIANTHUS (Diamond Scarlet, Parfait Raspberry, Parfait Strawberry, Diamond Scarlet, Merlot Mix)
  • GAZANIA (Kiss Rose, Kiss Orange, Kiss Yellow, Frosty Orange, Frosty Mix)
  • HYPOESTES (Pink, Red, White)
  • IMPATIENS (Coral, Orange, Red, Violet Shades, White, Salmon, Mix)
  • LOBELIA (Sky Blue, Blue Eyes, White, Mix)
  • MARIGOLDS (Bonanza Orange, Bonanza Yellow, Bonanza Harmony, Bonanza Bee, Bonanza Flame, Bonanza Mix, Inca Orange, Inca Yellow, Inca Primrose, Disco Red, Disco Orange, Disco Yellow, Disco Marietta, Disco Mix, Durango Red, Durango Yellow, Durango Orange, Durango Mix, Alumia Vanilla Cream, Safari Mix, Safari Tangerine, Hero Gold, Hero Harmony, Hero Orange, Hero Mix)
  • PANSIES (Golden Yellow, Violet Wing, Wave Purple, Cool Wave Blue Skies, True Blue, White Blotch, Pure Orange, Pure Yellow, Rose Blotch, Pure Color Mix, Blotch Mix)
  • PETUNIAS (Burgundy, White, Double Blue, Royal, Sunshine, Blue, Pink, Pink Vein, Red, Plum, Sky Blue, Violet, Purple Star, Damask Pink, Rose, Neon Rose, Frost Blue, Frost Fire, Hurrah Blue, Salmon Morn, Blue Vein, Single Mix, Double Mix,
  • PORTULACA (Banana, Fuchsia, Peppermint, Deep Red, Mix)
  • SALVIA (Red, Purple, White, Mix)
  • SNAPDRAGONS (Yellow, Crimson, Mix)
  • TORENIA (Blue Deep, Magenta, White, Lemon Drop)
  • VERBENA (Mix)
  • VICTORIA SALVIA (Blue, White)
  • VINCA (Cranberry, White, Blackberry, Orchid, Apricot, Peppermint, Polka Dot, Punch, Red Dark)
  • ZINNIAS (Apricot, Cherry, Yellow, Apricot, Golden, Fire, Deep Salmon, Lime Orange, Mix)



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